Who We Are?

About us

Dualz has over twenty years of experience in software architecture, design and engineering, with main expertise in the domain of industrial automation, digital video and linear broadcast. Dualz Software has developed multiple software solutions in the digital video area, our own product folio as well as in outsourcing projects for other customers. At Dualz Software, we have a complete ready to roll development team for your software projects. We have all the tools, environment and of course the knowledge to start your project immediately. Dualz is your partner for Turn-Key projects and complete outsourcing of your software development.

Do you wish a linux, windows of cross platform linear broadcast or digital video solution, we can develop and maintain your software.


Dualz offers high-quality projects based on software outsourcing in conjunction with qualified senior software developers. This means that Dualz tailors software to your specific needs. We work with the latest technology and processes and we have proven expertise in  CI/CD and DevOps.

DevOps equipment 24x7

Dualz owns equipment on-premise as well as cloud based solutions, able to generate your software builds and deployments at any time. We can create automated unit/component/system tests.

Your repositories

We develop software and pipeline tasks for your project on your repository. You get the credentials to watch our work, this means all our work is visible at any time. We can maintain the hosting of all services, or we can work remotely in your domain. You can have insight in our work at wish, and you decide, at any time.